• Summer Social

    Celebrate the warmer weather and lighter evenings with your team!

Our Summer Social Packages

The summer party is becoming an essential part of the corporate calendar and is a fantastic way to reward your team and have some fun!

We have teamed up with our resident musicians to bring you a summer party with a difference. Pick one of the below entertainment packages and we will throw you a party to remember.

For just £25 per person, we'll make sure your party is one to remember!

Live Music Quiz

A music quiz with a big difference...

We invite you to relax, unwind & enjoy a new and bespoke evening of live music with a totally unique and interactive twist. Join us as we play our way through the most popular tunes of the last 50 years - testing your musical knowledge every step along the way.

Forget the days of straining to hear the crackling CD player in the corner & scrambling about in your bag to find a spare biro - this is a quiz night with a big difference. All music will be played live!

Like the traditional pub quiz, our Compere for the evening will guide you through rounds of totally varied musical questions - testing just how well you know your Beatles from your Beyoncé. Plus, there's interactive air-guitar rounds, karaoke (for those willing) and many more ways for you to notch up more prize-winning points for your team.

A great way to team-build at a corporate event, or as an add on to an awards ceremony or dinner, The Live Music Quiz is fun, energetic and totally original. 

The beauty of the format is that it can be tweaked to suit the age-range & musical tastes of the audience or themed for a Christmas party! It’s brand new, totally live, and a one-of-a-kind night out like no other!


Remember the days of leafing through a sticky plastic track folder in your local (after a few questionable shots) in a desperate attempt to locate Total Eclipse of The Heart?

Those days are long gone!

Here at MPW, we’re bringing you the opportunity to live the dream and bring your best karaoke A-Game by playing live with our house band…

Prep those pipes, and strut your stuff with our specialist live karaoke band, as we invite those brave audience members to live out their best fantasy, take to the stage and sing with us - LIVE!

Playing everything from Foo Fighters to Fleetwood Mac, Bruno Mars to Bon Jovi, our team of uber-talented musicians play it all.

We’ll bring the lyrics and the cocktails - YOU bring the noise!

Musical Bingo

The nights are shorter, the days are longer and we can FINALLY say that Summer is here!!!

Time to mix it up - grab your glowsticks & a bottle of fizz from the bar as we bring you - A Night of Musical Bingo! … It’s just like regular bingo but BETTER!

Instead of “Number 17” we’ll be singing the lyrics to Dancing Queen! Every round is themed with a different musical genre, decade and of course a bonus round featuring the holy grail of all music fans: The Power Ballad.

Safe in the hands of our hilarious DJ and host, simply mark the correct answers on your bingo cards and go for gold! 

Prizes awarded for one, two and three lines and finally - THE FULL HOUSE. Plus bonus prizes for dance-offs, best air guitar, medley challenges and much much more.

What are you waiting for? Book now for this summer and live your best musical madness for One Night Only! 

Summer Social

Summer Social at Level 25

Enjoy and celebrate the warmer weather and lighter evenings with your team!

Our brand-new summer social package is the perfect ingredient to ensure your party is one to remember!

Live musicians available as an added extra.



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Chefs selection of salads

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