• The Perfect Pizza

Cooking Tips from our Food Team! 

Learn how to make the perfect pizza from home in ten simple steps using Marco's own receipe. Try the pizza for yourself at our New York Italian, Bardolino and Mr. White's Venues! 

  1. Let the dough rest for 12 hours in the fridge, then sit at room temperature for 2-4 hours allowing the dough to prove and expand
  2. Add flour to the worktop, coat the dough with flour
  3. Use your finger tips to press down and create a disk about 9-inches wide so it’s level.
  4. When ready, stretch the outside of the dough with your fingers (never use a flat hand as this will weaken the dough).
  5. Press down and stretch outwards, rotating the dough gradually and repeat this process gradually until you have a 12-inch pizza size.
  6. Lift the pizza in your hands and flip between the 2 hands to remove any extra flour.
  7. Add the pizza sauce and spread around the dough leaving a thumbnail width to the edge
  8. Top with your choice of toppings
  9. Slow tease the pizza paddle (or tray) under the rim and flick back and forth until the pizza is on.
  10. Carefully place into the oven and back at 310 degrees for 5 minutes. Remove and place on a pizza plate and serve!

Buon appetite! 

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