• On tour with Marco

Marco has been busy this November visiting numerous restaurants right across the country.

Including a mix of lunch and dinner dining experiences, Marco popped in to his Mr White's English Chophouse in Manchester, Steakhouse Bar & Grills in Hull, Nottingham and Milton Keynes, the brand-new Marco's New York Italian in Milton Keynes, then finishing off at the brand-new Steakhouse Bar & Gill in Folkestone.

Always keen to meet customers, he chatted to guests about his career while signing books including the 25th anniversary of the ground-breaking White Heat. He also met the teams at each site some of whom were meeting him for the very first time.

With all venues selling-out, underlines how Marco's popularity is as strong as ever. He also sees it as a great way to talk about his philosophy of feeding people well, where the atmosphere is buzzing and service excellent.

Sydell Bridgen in Hull said: "Marco being in Hull, talking and sharing about his love for rhubarb crumble and teaching me the finer art of making a souffle were moments many people hunger. My book was signed 'Sydell, RESPECT Marco...' - I honestly can say I am unsure I can top that feeling, that night and that hour."

Hannah Robinson also from Hull, was equally impressed: "He showed his true colours in Hull on Tuesday evening – by being a complete gentleman."

While at the new Milton Keynes New York Italian Kevin Allen said: "He was charm personified."

Guests at the Milton Keynes Stadium Steakhouse Bar & Grill were quite taken aback by the fact that Marco was there in person!

They said: "We didn't realise he would actually be here signing his books, so it was a great surprise. He signed a book personally for my mum who is a great fan and unfortunately couldn't make it today, so she'll be delighted."

Nick Taplin, Marco's business partner, Chairman and CEO of Black and White Hospitality said: "There's no doubt that Marco sees these visits as an important element of meeting customers. He has a lot of charisma and is wonderful with the public and he's always interested in hearing what people have to say about his restaurants and what they think about eating out."

"He also likes to meet with the kitchen staff to impart his knowledge and find out how things are going. For those starting out in the hospitality sector it's great that they can meet someone who single-handedly dragged the British cooking scene into what it is today."

"We're already planning site visits for 2019 so there will be lots more opportunities for admirers of Marco to meet him."

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