• Marco Pierre White's Christmas Tips

At a notoriously stressful time, even the most experienced home cooks can become overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do.

Straight-talking chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White provides some handy tips for a stress-free, tasty Christmas dinner:

"Christmas is, without question, the most important family day of the year. However you celebrate, wherever you'll be, have fun together.

"My golden rule for a brilliant Christmas dinner... keep it simple and take fashionable festive recipes with a pinch of salt as tradition, I find, always comes up trumps. The real secret is who you share it with.

"I always cook the turkey on a bed of bones. Cut off the back of the turkey and the wings, place them in the tray, and put the turkey on top.

"The secret to the perfect Christmas lunch is keeping it simple and applying a strategy. Don't give yourself too much to do on the day – it is Christmas, after all - so enjoy it.

"For the ever-elusive perfect roast potato, simply boil them for about 5 minutes and place in a hot tray with butter or goose fat. Coat the potatoes in the fat, place them bottom down, and stick them in the oven at around 200° for half an hour. Never, ever move the potatoes – just leave them to cook.

"Baste the turkey with butter or goose fat and a little salt, and pop it in the oven. The bones make a real difference to both the turkey and its gravy juices.

"Of course, you could let us take care of what's on the table, while you celebrate with those around it."

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