• Marco Pierre White: The Best Of British Game At Christmas

When it comes to Game, there are very few chefs more passionate and ensconced in the countryside than Marco Pierre White.

The renowned chef and restaurateur has now confirmed he will be hosting The Best of British Game Restaurant at the Game Fair Christmas in an all-new speciality pop-up at the three-day event.

Offering lunch and dinner on the 18th, 19th and 20th November, the Michelin maestro will be in attendance on each day, which is taking place in Bloomsbury Square, London.

A lover of all things outdoors, his passion for British wildlife, both in and out of the kitchen are unrivalled, and came about from his childhood where he would spend days on the Harewood Estate that was close to where he lived.

With the Game season officially starting on 12th August - The Glorious 12th – and running through to Jan 31st, it’s during the months of October and November that game is regarded as being at its best. The 1st September sees the addition of partridge and duck, while the 1st October then includes pheasant and woodcock.

With the beat of the countryside now coming to the heart of London, menus will focus on seasonality and reflect Marco’s sustainable and exciting food philosophy.

Marco said: “The wonderful thing about cooking wild produce is the richness and depth of flavour, something you simply will not find in intensely farmed foods, along with the versatility of the dishes. Game Pie for example is a hearty friend on a chilly Autumn night!”

Diners to each sitting will be treated to a Q&A session with Marco to learn not only about cooking this fabulously sustainable food source but also the philosophy and culture of the great British tradition of Game during the festive season.

Gemma Payne, Head of Marketing at Game Fair Christmas adds: “Game meat is increasingly popular as more and more people recognise the sustainability and enjoy the nutritious taste of the countryside. The Best of British Game Restaurant at Game Fair Christmas will highlight and showcase the wonderful food our countryside has to offer.”

Marco’s new restaurant will sit at the heart of Game Fair Christmas with a select number of exhibitors clustered around Bloomsbury Square offering gifts, fine foods and countryside themed products.

Attending the event is free for those that want to browse the exhibitors but those wanting Marco’s fully immersive experience need to book the restaurant for a delicious, informative and entertaining treat.

For further information, please visit the Game Fair website.

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