• Marco Pierre White Increases Vegan Dishes Across Restaurant Estate

Marco Pierre White is increasing the number of vegan dishes across all his UK-based restaurants.

The increase in the number of vegan dishes comes as more and more turn to the plant-based diet, and with big name stars such as Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 driver, and pop singer Ariana Grande both turning vegan, the lifestyle choice is becoming increasingly popular.

Helping cut obesity, blood pressure and lowering the levels of type 2 diabetes, many also switch for health reasons.

The no-nonsense chef and famed restauranteur will now roll out the new selection of dishes in five of his restaurant brands including Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill, Mr White's Chophouse, Marco's New York Italian, Wheeler's of St James and Bardolino.

Commenting on the availability of the new dishes Marco said: "There is a place for all types of menus and the increase in vegan-based dishes reflects what more and more customers now want. The new dishes are high in vegetables and also cereal grains and legumes.

"In the past, there was definitely a stereotype of people who were vegan but with more millennials and younger people switching to the diet, that has now completely gone.

"I went on a vegan diet once and although I'm back on what I'd call a more balanced diet, I certainly lost a lot of weight."

While the number of vegan dishes is increasing, the one labelled the original 'enfant terrible' is keen to point out that it won't compromise the rest of his menus, which will cater for all tastes and diets.

Marco added: "I learnt a lot when I was on the vegan diet and gave me a good insight into what makes a good vegan recipe. You can't expect to get away with offering a vegetable lasagne or vegetarian moussaka as an after-thought.

"What we've done is develop recipes and combinations that not only appeal but cater for those who now enjoy a vegan diet."

Starters include zucchini fritti or spiced cauliflower salad with pomegranate and coriander while the new range of mains includes Avery island burger, Tabasco ketchup dressed butternut squash burger and rigatoni arabiatta, pomodoro sauce, fresh red chilli.

Desserts include almond rice pudding with vanilla poached apricots and peanut butter and jelly Monte Cristo sandwich fried finished in cinnamon sugar, served with sorbet.

Marco concluded: "Sitting alongside dishes for those who are not vegan means groups of friends and family who have a variety of diets can enjoy a nice meal without feeling as if they are being singled out.

"I'm in the business of feeding people and feeding them well in a nice environment with excellent service and that is what I think we've achieved with the new range of vegan dishes."

For further information, please visit https://www.mpwrestaurants.co.uk/

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