• Marco Launches His Exclusive Wine Collection

If you haven't heard already, this week Marco has returned to visit a select few of his restaurants to celebrate the launch of his newly released wine collection.

First on the list was his visit to Steakhouse Bar & Grill Birmingham, where he officially unveiled three specially created wines, designed to complement the dishes across his restaurants.
Guests were invited to the special VIP event that took place yesterday, to enjoy a three-course lunch or dinner and received a signed bottle of wine from the collection.

Second on the list was Steakhouse Bar & Grill Bristol, where he spent the day dining, chatting and enjoying the company of his guests, pictured below.

Marco Launches His Exclusive Wine Collection

The tour concluded at Steakhouse Bar & Grill Plymouth which is one of our newest restaurants and it was the first time Marco was able to visit and meet our regular Plymouth guests.

The wine collection is an addition to an already extensive list, created by Marco alongside celebrated winemaker Jean-Luc Colombo.

To complement Marco's menus, the collection includes the Jean-Luc Colombo Marco Pierre White Blanc, made from Vermentino with a splash of Sauvignon Blanc and is perfectly paired with seafood dishes.

The Jean-Luc Colombo Marco Pierre White Rosé is light, dry and subtle, perfect with fresh food flavours of the Mediterranean while the Jean-Luc Colombo Marco Pierre White Rouge is a rich and generous Syrah (Shiraz) with no oak, just lush, spicy fruit.

Marco is extremely passionate about the launch of the collection and is pleased to offer it exclusively across Marco's UK restaurants.

Marco Launches His Exclusive Wine Collection

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