• International Women's Day 2024

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day this year by shining a light on our amazing females who work right here, with us at Marco Pierre White Restaurants. 

It’s important for us, to really showcase our amazing females across the company. We’ve been sent some truly amazing stories and features our incredible female team members right across the brand and we are so proud to share them today on International Women’s Day.

From us at Marco Pierre White Restaurants, we want to say a huge thank you to these individuals, PLUS EVERY female who works hard across the brand. Whether you’re a working Mum juggling various roles, if you’re studying, if you’re new to the role, or if you have been working with us for a long time, we want to say THANK YOU. We are SO proud to have such an incredible team. Happy International Women’s Day!


Jules, Steakhouse Bristol

Jules has worked for Marco Pierre White Steakhouse for eight years, starting as a Guest Host, she is now a Senior Supervisor. Jules would highly recommend the Fillet au Poivre from our å la carte menu. Her favourite thing about working in hospitality is guest relationships. Three words used to describe her are Driven, Independent and Honest. IWD to Jules means recognition for women in hospitality which is percieved as a male orientated industry.


Kayleigh, Steakhouse Bristol

Kayleigh has worked for Marco Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill, Bristol for the past eight years and is now a Senior Supervisor. Kayleigh’s favourite part of her role is making the cocktails in our Marco Pierre White Bar & Lounge. She likes to invent new cocktail recipes for different promotions. Her colleagues describe her as passionate, assiduous, and charismatic. Kayleigh appreciates International Women’s Day because as a working mum, she loves knowing that there is a day to focus on women’s achievements as Kayleigh strives to be a hard-working career woman as well as a great Mum to her little girl and is thankful that everyone can appreciate her determination. 


Tan, Steakhouse Bristol

Tan is a Food and Beverage Assistant, and her favourite dish is Fillet Steak with Garlic King Prawns and her favourite thing about working in hospitality is seeing happy guests enjoying their dining experience. Three words to describe her are funny, kind and caring. IWD means to Tan, the opportunity to celebrate women for everything they are and everything they can now be.


Paris, Steakhouse Bristol 

Paris has worked at the hotel for two and a half year, and is currently our Deputy Food & Beverage Manager. Her favourite thing about working in hospitality is giving guests a memorable experience and would highly recommend our sharing Chateaubriand Steak. Three words to describe Paris are organised, cheerful and friendly. IWD to Paris means celebrating all the amazing things women can and have achieved.


Britany, Reservations & Events, Steakhouse Plymouth

Britany started as a team member in the restaurant and is now the Event Coordinator & Reservationist for the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Plymouth. Brittany wanted to remain at the restaurant but develop into a slightly different role, within her new position she has found a new passion & career path. Brittany loves working in hospitality as she feels passionate about the brand and the history behind it. Her favourite dish on the menu is Marco's French Onion Soup. Her team would describe her thoughtful, selfless and hysterical. To Brittany, International Women’s Day is about celebrating the success of women and our relationships with one another. 


Fran, Food & Beverage Manager, Steakhouse Plymouth

Fran has worked for Marco Pierre White’s for over seven years. She started in Events and Reservations, progressed into Operations before swiftly embarrassed being a Host, and several management roles with recently being promoted to Food & Beverage Manager, looking back Fran never believe she would be in the position she’s in, but with hard work and support from the Hotel & Marco Pierre White Restaurants, it was possible. 

Fran enjoys working in hospitality as everyday is different, you always meet new people and build an empire with constant areas for development. Fran would describe herself as strong, fearless and patient. To Fran, International Women’s Day means to continue to be strong, supporting the drive of female empowerment and to be proud. 

Francesca is a shining example of how you can evolve in the company and grow with the brand. We want to thank her for all the hard work she puts in every single day at our Plymouth Restaurant.




Reda, Operations Manager, Steakhouse Birmingham

Reda has been the Operations Manager for over 18 months, and has worked in hospitality for 15 years. Reda enjoys the buzz of Hospitality and meeting new and talking with new people. Her favourite 3 course meal on the menu is The Governor’s French Onion Soup to start (she fell in love with Marco’s soup), Fillet Steak with Garlic King Prawns and Mr Coulson’s Sticky Toffee Pudding to finish. Reda would describe herself as bubbly, a team player and crazy. Reda sees everyday as International Women’s day and wants to empower & celebrating women daily.


Meg, Steakhouse Hull

One of the longest serving members of staff, Meg started work at the hotel when she was just 18 as a commis chef. Awarded Employee of the Year in 2021 she is the most well-loved and well-respected member of the kitchen team in Hull. 

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Meg and she has guest's and staff in her heart, providing the best service each and every time. According to her colleagues, Meg is caring, understanding and deserv­ing of any recognition and although she doesn't want any accolades, she so deserves them. 


Eva, Steakhouse Liverpool

Eva has worked at Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Liverpool for five year and started as an F&B assistant and is now the assistant F&B Manager. Eva loves to create memorable expierences for guests and is described by her team as reliable, emotional and caring. IWD means to Eva, a connection and equal opportunity for us all. 


Susanne, Steakhouse Liverpool

Susanne has recently joined the team in Liverpool and is enjoying meeting new people and serving delicous food & drinks to all the guestes. The team would describe Susanne as passionate and they cannot wait to see her grow in the team. To Susanne, IWD is about recognising women's achievements without boundaries.  


Jennifer, Steakhouse Meriden

Jennifer has been working at Marco Pierre White Steakhouse for five years and has recently been promoted to Team Leader. She loves to work in hospitality as she enjoys meeting new guests, delivering great serices standards, and working with the team. IWD means a lot to her and she wants to see more women in management roles. 

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