• Hot Salmon Nicoise Salad Recipe

Getting beach body ready?

We have a great dish to satisfy your food cravings whilst your watching your waist. Enjoy this amazing summer salad with the freshest and tastiest ingredients, perfect for your summer BBQ’s.





80gm Hot Smoked Salmon

3 Cos leaves

1 Tomato 

80gm Green beans

100gm New Potatoes

20gm Black Olives

1 Soft Boiled Egg

20ml Merlot Dressing 

1gm Micro Parsley

Tea spoon of Table Salt

Malden Salt (for seasoning)



375ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

250ml Merlot Vinegar

125ml Dijon Mustard

(This makes 750ml)


Boil a deep pan of water with a teaspoon of salt (to taste). Cook your new potatoes and eggs for 5 minutes. You may need to boil the potatoes for a little longer until they are soft in the middle.

Drain water and place on the side to cool. In the same deep pan, add your green beans and little water to steam your beans for 5 minutes. Make sure you place the lid on the pan to steam. Once steamed, empty water and place on the side to cool. 

Wash your lettuce and tomatoes.

Cut your tomatoes into quarters and peel the skin off. In a bowl, mix tomatoes, sliced olives, cooked green beans, sliced, cooked new potatoes and Merlot dressing. Add your cos lettuce to your bowl like the image and top with the above niçoise mix and your flaked salmon. Peel the shell off your egg and cut the egg in half. Add this to your bowl like the image.

Garnish with micro parsley and season with Malden salt.  


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