• Celebrating the life of Dewi Sant

1 March heralds one of the most important dates for the people of Wales for it marks, as everyone knows from the land of my fathers, St David’s Day.

Known in Welsh as Dewi Sant, celebrating the life of the patron saint of Wales sees people from right across the principality take part in parades and hold celebrations in honour of the one who was born in Pembrokeshire.

Understanding how important the 1 March is for the people of Wales, the two Welsh-based Marco Pierre White restaurants in Cardiff and Swansea respectively will be making sure any guests who visit on the day get to celebrate the day in style.

It’s well-known that one of St David’s most famous maxims is ‘Do the little things in life’ and is uncannily similar to the gastronomic great’s ethos about cooking and making sure you do all the little things well.

Some might think that Pierre White was almost saint like with his cooking style, making him arguably the greatest chef of all time and the phrase linking him to one of Britain’s patron saints might not come as a surprise to some!

For guests in both Cardiff and Swansea, as well as those right across the Marco Pierre White Restaurant estate, not only will they be able to enjoy a delicious meal that’s has all the hallmarks of the saintlike chef, but they will also be able to enjoy the delicious flavours of Cygnet gin, a spirit that has Welsh Heritage distilled in every, single drop.

Made in Swansea, at the Cygnet Distillery, the finest grain spirit is infused with a symphony of high-quality ingredients in a handmade copper still using the finest Welsh water that delivers and unequivocally great taste.

And on the most important days in the Welsh calendar, who would want anything more!

For further information please visit https://www.mpwrestaurants.co.uk/

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